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Ergela Kelebija

Kelebija Stud Farm was registered in 1993 for breeding Lipizzaner horses. In a relatively short period of twenty years of work, a large number of quality heads were bred at the Kelebija Stud Farm, which found their place in the first Kelebija Stud Register. The stud farm is located in Serbia, 500m from the Serbian-Hungarian border crossing Kelebija-Tompa, in the village Kelebija, 11km from Subotica.

About us

The company Intersped from Subotica, at the initiative of General Manager Melanko Aleksic, bought a 2-hectare plot of land in 1993, on which it built two new facilities: a main barn to accommodate 12 heads and a lauf barn with a drain and 3 boxes.

The first heads arrived on September 1, 1993. year: stallion Maestoso Jadranka XX K 1985 and mares Thais XXVI L.1976 and thais XIX L. 1982.
The breeding heads were procured from private owners, the owners of Lipizzaner heads, who were bred in the stables of the former Yugoslavia: in Lipica, Đakovo, Vučjak, Karađorđevo and Lipik.
Today it is an impressive complex that spreads over 25 hectares of landscaped space. There are several Pannonian-style buildings, among beautiful flower beds, well-groomed greenery and long tree-lined avenues. Modernly equipped barns, boxes, corals, competition grounds and spacious pastures make a real paradise, both for visitors and for the inhabitants of the stable - horses.

The goal of the Kelebija Stud Farm is to breed horses for harness sports and dressage riding.
Since 1995, Kelebija Stud Farm has been participating in competitions and team competitions where it presents Lipizzaner horses from Kelebija.
In cooperation with the Association of Lipizzaner Horse Breeders of Serbia, licensing of stallions has been held at the Kelebija Stud Farm since 2006 under the name "SHEPHERD CHAMPIONSHIP". All male Lipizzaner horses from Serbia, aged 4 to 12, have the right to participate.

Equestrian club "FAVORY" kelebija was founded in 2006. It is located on the outskirts of the village of Kelebija, near the border with Hungary, only 11 km from the center of Subotica. Thanks to this position, riding school students, recreational riders and athletes, members of the equestrian club, can enjoy riding and socializing with horses in nature, away from the city noise.
The equestrian club can thank the Kelebija Stud Farm the most for its uninterrupted performance of its activities, where it was enabled to work smoothly within the Kelebija Stud Farm complex.
There is also a riding school within the club. Riding lessons are organized individually for beginners and experienced riders throughout the year, thanks to the closed manege used for the last two years.
For all these years of work, more than 500 children were members of the BC Favory and learned the basics of riding. There are currently 20 recreational players representing the club at various events and manifestations. In addition to recreational athletes, there are also athletes who compete in various domestic and foreign competitions in dressage riding and team sports.
Competitors of BC Favory Kelebija have repeatedly won the championship title in dressage and precision driving, while in 2017 they also competed at the World Championship in team driving in Lipice, where they achieved notable results. It was the first case that someone from Serbia managed to qualify for the World Cup.

Kelebija Stud Farm is one of the founders of the Association of Breeders of the Lipizzaner Horse Breed of Yugoslavia, which was founded in 1996 in Belgrade.
This institution was accepted as an observer at the General Assembly of LIF (LIPIZZAN INTERNATIONAL FEDERATION) in 1996 (Lipica, Slovenia). After the disintegration of Yugoslavia, the Association of Lipizzaner Horse Breeders of Yugoslavia changed its name to the Association of Lipizzaner Horse Breeders of Serbia.
During the General Assembly of LIF in 2004 (Lipica, Slovenia), the Association of Lipizzaner Horse Breeders of Serbia, together with the state stud farm Karadjordjevo, was accepted as a full member of LIF (except for Lipica horses and their descendants).
The General Assembly of LIF was held in Kelebija from June 15 to 17, 2007 in the premises of Villa Majur. On the second day, the members of the assembly visited the Kelebija stud farm and attended the presentation of the breeding herds, after which they expressed a positive opinion about the Lipizzaner bred on Kelebija.
At the LIF session, only the Croatian Livestock Center and the Croatian Association of Lipizzaner Horse Breeders' Associations opposed the recognition of Lipik horses and their descendants, due to horses from the Lipik Stud Farm, which were in Serbia.
Date 12.10.2007. The obligation to return the horse to the Lipik stud farm was fulfilled on the agreement of the owner of the Bukinac Stud Farm and the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Croatia. This created the right and condition for the Republic of Serbia to independently confirm the origin of Lipizzaner horses in Serbia (Minutes No. 323-6857 / 07-05).